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Routine oral care will help your pet live a longer, healthier life!

Dental Care

Just as in human medicine, the health of your pet's mouth strongly correlates with its longevity and overall quality of life. That is why at Timberview Animal Hospital, we consider dental care to be an extremely important part of our preventive medical care protocol. Dental disease affects 75% of our companion animals and yet it is often underdiagnosed or overlooked. The bacteria in the mouth has detrimental effects on all systems in the body and not only cause tooth pain and infection but can spread to internal organs and shorten the lifespan of our pets. The team at Timberview will outline a tooth care protocol that is appropriate for your animal. This can include routine brushing, rinses, and diets as well as regular full dental cleanings and assessments by the veterinarian.

Signs of Dental Disease

Do you know if your pet has peridontal disease? Sometimes it is difficult to see the signs because our animals are so stoic. If you smell an odor from your animal's mouth, see tartar or red gums, your pet has already developed dental disease. Caring for their mouths early will ensure slowing of the progression of periodontal disease and help to prevent tooth loss and systemic infection.

Timberview has two dental machines. Both are fully equipped with an ultrasonic scaler for tartar removal, a polisher to smooth the tooth surface after scaling, and a high-speed drill to aid in any extractions.

To aid in the process of evaluating tooth health, Timberview also has a digital dental x-ray system. Full-mouth x-rays are recommended with all dental cleanings, as pathology is often hidden below the gumline out of sight.

(x-ray showing root abscess) (x-ray showing severe bone loss)

Call today to speak to one of our medical team members to review your pets' oral health and discover ways to help keep their teeth clean and healthy at home. Timberview offers numerous products that can aide in maintaining a healthy mouth in conjunction with routine professional cleanings.

See the American Veterinary Medical Associations link below to learn more about pets' oral health.